Past-Life Regression

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Past-Life Regression is a technique used to help people relieve traumas from childhood or earlier times in ones life. This may then help them to unlock particular cyclical patterns of their lives that continually trouble them. For example, in relationships where one is constantly attracting similar issues over and over again. It may also help to explain why there are constant feuds amongst particular family members.


For those who believe in past lives, this technique provides insight into the lives we have had prior to our current one. You will actually see the imagery in your mind’s eye which will explain to you what roles you have had, occupations you have done, other places you may have come from in your past life. Past-Life Regression has been featured on Oprah, and other reputable sources conveying its ability to acquire memory recall from our inner pasts.


Some people also claim that, they experienced vague feelings during past life regression hypnotherapy sessions. New age researchers view this practice of encouraging people to memorize false experiences, which can be devastating because it will increase their suffering, even more.


In past life regression therapy, therapists try to open the subconscious mind of the individuals. They believe that our unconscious mind stores the past life memories. For instance, one renowned PLR therapist says that, one of his clients harbored this inexplicable fear of spiders.


When the person was treated with past life regression hypnotherapy, the therapist found that, the client in his previous birth was bitten by a noxious spider. The past life regression hypnotherapy, helped the individual to understand fear for spiders and enabled him to detach from it.


However, despite this, past life regression hypnotherapy helps to find solution to several unanswered questions, which individuals at times wish to know desperately.