Living your Life

What is the soul?  Is it something we sense? Feel? Does it actually exist?  And if it does, where the heck is it? When you assert yourself to find a balance on some level of contentment between your physical wellness and your mental wellness, the soul has little choice but to feel a level of peace. The attainable level of peace is questionable. How to recognize the shifting that occurs during changes in life can be difficult to ascertain.

It is in a space of comfort, acceptance, and love that we feel our most soulful selves.  It is here in this nurturing, trusting space that has been created from love and good intentions for all, that true guidance to the soul has been achieved.

Everybody wants something. Few know exactly what they want. They may feel they want the luxuries of life, or the fruits of health, or the attainment of the perfect spouse. Here we can discover together, unravel together, what it is you feel you need on a deeper level.  What blocks the soul from feeling free and happy, and what keeps it hidden and tucked away.

In future, it is with great dedication and warmth of heart to touch and inspire globally via a live online forum of one on one discussion. In the meantime, newsletters, personal sessions (live and via Skype) are here for you, as an ear, that person who is objective, to listen, comfort, and help you sort through this maze of life.

Thank you for taking the first step of your own journey, the real journey, which is the journey which leads to your soul.