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Detoxification is not only a term used to cleanse the physical body, but it is also meant as an overall cleansing of ones life as a whole. Often our minds can become overburdened by troubles and stress. Other times we feel the pressure and need for a removal of toxins in our physical bodies.

Or for some people who believe in energy, they may feel a “heaviness” in their homes which they cannot put their finger on. This is considered home detoxification. In this type of detoxification, this energy can be present due to deceased relatives who have not moved on, or can be present due to energies which were already there upon moving into a new home.

In other cases, it may exist due to tensions in the home caused by family members. This form of cleansing can be cleared through a home visit and an in depth description of what the energy is and where it is coming from.


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With over 10 years of experience and numerous families helped, a very unique service is provided for those mourning families who are dealing with the passing of a loved one. As we know, the passing of a loved one can be one of the most tragic experiences of life.  Often times, there is very little peace or solace in the heart.  Time is a great healer, yet in those moments of grief, time stands still and all that is wanted is the agony and pain of the loss to lessen.  Lorie Sblendorio, is a highly skilled, compassionate, and endearing person who has been graced with the ability to relay messages from those who have passed to the ones who remain.  She acts as a medium of communication, a source of comfort and provides answers to questions that are unanswered.   This is done most respectfully, lovingly, and most accurately in the home of dwelling place of the person passed..