Hypnosis is a natural way to health and well being, our minds work on two levels the conscious and the unconscious. We make decisions think and act with the conscious mind, while the unconscious mind controls our habits and emotions. In hypnosis, we can communicate directly to the unconscious mind, this is why it is so easy […]

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Life Coaching

  Often times, we may have difficulty opening up to our friends or family members about our problems and difficulties. We may fear their judgements and/or feel unable to completely trust their words of advice to us. Sessions of life-coaching gives you the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere to discuss and share deep-rooted concerns or ask […]

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Past-Life Regression

Past-Life Regression is a technique used to help people relieve traumas from childhood or earlier times in ones life. This may then help them to unlock particular cyclical patterns of their lives that continually trouble them. For example, in relationships where one is constantly attracting similar issues over and over again. It may also help […]

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