Regulating menstrual cycles Improving egg follicles Increasing sperm count and motility Improving libido and impotency Miscarriage Prevention Inducing Labour "Unbreaching" Specializing in fertility in women and men of all ages and especially for those in their early 40s.   Not only has acupuncture been successful in the initial conception process but also in maintaining pregnancy for women prone to miscarriage. Adding acupuncture treatments as either a stand…

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Living your Life

What is the soul?  Is it something we sense? Feel? Does it actually exist?  And if it does, where the heck is it? When you assert yourself to find a balance on some level of contentment between your physical wellness and your mental wellness, the soul has little choice but to feel a level of peace. The attainable level of peace is questionable. How to recognize the shifting that…

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